Katie Alyce

London Belly Dancer


About London Belly Dancer Katie Alyce

Katie Alyce is a premier London Belly Dancer. As an international Belly Dancer, choreographer and qualified instructor, Katie Alyce Belly Dancer is fulfilling her dream of sharing her love of this beautiful Arabic Dance (Belly Dance or ‘Raks Sharqi’ meaning Dance of the East) around the world through performing her outstanding belly dance shows and teaching belly dance master classes.

Katie Alyce London Belly Dancer, has a true passion and dedication to Belly Dance which is clearly mirrored in her outstanding technique and ability to translate music into a visual art form. Her innate musicality and unique interpretation of Arabic music and dance has led her to perform at over 300 weddings and 200 corporate functions, including performing belly dance shows for Arabic Royalty and Celebrity figures. Natural charisma, confident energy and playfulness shine through all of Katie Alyce’s Belly Dance shows and Belly Dance master classes. This London Belly Dancer has also extended her belly dancing performances to both western and Middle Eastern TV, media and festivals.

Since the age of seven, Katie Alyce has had an intense love for the art of belly dance. Inspired by the fluid and exquisite moves of Egyptain belly dancers on holidays, a country with an extensive and rich history in belly dancing, she immediately took up lessons at home. By the age of 15 she knew she wanted to dedicate her future to the stunning art. Her absolute devotion and talent has taken her in to some of the world’s most exotic and colourful countries, such as Lebanon, Morocco and Malaysia. These expedites have given her a unique and vivid understanding in the art as well as ample international experience, working with masters and experts worldwide. Katie Alyce London Belly Dancer continues to push herself further, her obvious passion for belly dancing is always taking her to new levels and her evident love for her work explains the continuous high demand for her talents, which culminates in exceptional routines and a constant happy audience.

Belly Dance Performance Highlights

As well as performing extensively throughout the UK, London Belly Dancer Katie Alyce has also had the privilege of captivating audiences around the world – performing at events and fulfilling contracts in Lebanon, Egypt, Australia, Spain, Morocco, Singapore and Malaysia. Some of Katie’s belly dancing performance highlights include:

• Performing live on Sky 1’s TV show ‘A League of Their Own’.
• Belly dancing at large scale events at Sofitel Hotels, De Vere Hotels and Fairmont Hotels.
• Performing for the Prince of Bahrain's wife
• Belly Dancing for corporate clients such as Costa Coffee, Singapore Airlines, Singaporian National Day Celebrations
• Belly dance performances on stage with bands including; Balkan Beat Box, Gypsy Hill and The Arab Quarter Band
• Staring as the lead belly dancer in music videos for Mahmoud Anwar, Simo Lagnawi, Jobaa, Laid Blak and Town of Cats
• Working with Aghanina TV in Sydney and with The BBC in Bristol, UK
• Working as the principle belly dancer for Cdarz Entertainment in Sydney
• Live belly dance performance for Bollywood Singer Pankaj Udas ji

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