Katie's Belly Dance Masterclasses

Upcoming Belly Dance Masterclasses

Katie's Belly Dance Masterclasses are designed to push your dancing to new heights! Each 3 or 4 hour workshop will be focused on a different topic within raks sharqi (belly dance) - everything from oriental to mordern dance styles to folkloric dances to prop work. Every lesson we'll be mastering intricate combinations for you to put into your own choreographies, learning a full short choreography created by Katie and perfecting technique and transition steps used in the choreography too. Stretching and conditioning training will be key in the classes to help you become stronger and more flexibile, which will improve all areas of your dancing. Lastly, we'll be targetting improving your stage presence, performance technique, and styalising your own choreographies! After each class you'll be given practise worksheets to take away with you to help you with your home self practise too :)