8 Great Reasons to Join Belly Dance Classes and Stay Fit

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8 Great Reasons to Join Belly Dance Classes and Stay Fit

Belly dancing can be done by both males and females. You do not need to build an athletic-body to do belly dance moves as the, moves are elegant, soft and can be followed easily. Make sure you select a teacher that helps you to focus on the style you are willing to learn. Different styles to learn belly dance are – American cabaret, Egyptian, Turkish, tribal and fusion but the music and techniques will differ. Check out 8 reasons to begin with belly dance classes for fitness.

  1. Develop your coordination – Everyone does not have a good coordination by birth, however, it may develop by joining belly dance classes that enable you to stay fit. These are 30 minutes, easy to follow and repetitive introductory classes that have to be done with confidence.
  2. Build the right posture – When you have the right posture, you will look more attractive and confident. There are several health benefits for building a great posture. It helps in improving blood circulation and reducing headaches, back pain and pressure in the chest.
  3. Lessen daily stress – Our body gets stressed from our daily routine and schedule. The classes held for graceful dancing will refresh your mind and encourage mental relaxation.
  4. Elevate mood with dance and music – Our cardio section has a lower impact that releases endorphins and relieves as well as uplifts mood swings for a high spirit.
  5. Improve balance and flexibility – You can develop proper balance and improve body motions by dancing on your toes. Make your hips loose with hip lifts, hip bumps and figure 8’s movements.
  6. Tighten pelvic muscles – If you want to learn belly dance in London, the dance instructors will lift and engage your pelvic muscles during the classes. Since this is an important part of developing a proper posture, we will activate the pelvic floor when we start with one movement to another and then straighten, lengthen and tighten the pelvic floor muscles.
  7. Burn calories and increase energy – These dance classes will leave lower impact cardio exercises that will make you sweat and provide energy to the body.
  8. Slim hips and well-toned body – Some arm movements like Snack Arm will work for your upper body to slim and tone it up. You will feel your biceps, triceps, deltoid and trapezius throughout the class. Our hip movements strengthen the lower back and slim the waist. Dancing on your toes will strengthen your calves, glutes and thighs.

You need to hire a good belly dance teacher in London if you are interested in learning the steps properly and become an expert dancer. This way, you can refresh your mind and have a fit body.

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