Some Basic Things You Need to Learn in Belly Dance

8 Great Reasons to Join Belly Dance Classes and Stay Fit
8 Great Reasons to Join Belly Dance Classes and Stay Fit
October 2, 2018
Learn Belly Dance London Katie Alyce

The world we’re living in today is a vast global village. It is pretty easy to get exposed to different cultures from far-off lands. Belly dance is exceptionally popular in present-day London. The dance originated in the Middle-East and gradually won fans all over the world. It is one of the greatest ways to tone the muscles and strengthen your body. Belly dance improves the overall flexibility of the body like nothing else.

Thus, the craze to learn belly dance is steadily rising. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some crucial points related to learning this oriental dance form.

  • Dependable platforms: If you want to learn belly dance, you’ve to be aware of the fact that it is indeed difficult to find teachers for this performing art. As there is no central governing body for belly dance as of yet, it is difficult to get started in the first place. Teachers have different levels of expertise and there’s no standardisation between the courses offered or the skills taught. So far, one of the most reliable destinations for finding teachers is the poptop ( It is a part of the Arabic Dancer’s Network, which was established in 1993. Mosaic also publishes a magazine that tells you about the upcoming events, gear suppliers and other belly dance organisations. Apart from it, there’s also another website, World Belly dance  ( that also provides authentic information and proves helpful for the learners.
  • Belly dancing costume: Choosing the right costume for belly dance often turns out to be confusing. Lots of so-called experts profess their own choice, which varies from one another. The best costume to slip on is the one that you’re comfortable in. Remember, there’s just no need to keep your belly exposed while you perform in the learning mode. Tucking in a tee-shirt is just fine, unless you fancy a crop top or a leotard. Usually, people don’t opt for footwear and dance barefooted. If you want, it’s perfectly alright to slip into soft dancing shoes. Many people also prefer wearing a belt or hip scarf to emphasise their movements while dancing. Look for the special variety of scarves that are particularly meant for belly dancing. At a more advanced level, you may consider investing in more traditional costumes like those long skirts, decorative tops, pantaloons, veils and others.

The Katie Alyce belly dance courses in London prefer Fitness First Liverpool Street Station. Katie also provides belly dance training for advanced and professional level dancers – for more information visit the Private Tuition Page.

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