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Amaze your guests with a stunning and authentic masterpiece belly dance show with Katie Alyce Belly Dancer London.

A live belly dancer show by Katie Alyce Belly Dancer London will consist of either:

1 set x 10 minute show

1 set x 20 minute show

1 set x 30 minute show

2 sets x 15 minutes show - with a costume change

The belly dance show will include a mixture of Modern and Classical styles of belly dance, including impressive prop work such as Swords, Isis Wings, Saidi Cane, Silk Veils, Shamadan or Fan Veils. London Belly Dance Katie Alyce will open the set with a live choreographed solo show (including props), which is followed by audience participation, then a drum solo to close the performance. Shows can include a variety of musical genres including Oriental, Saidi, Iraqi, Khaleegi, Egyptian Baladi, Turkish or Modern Cabaret - Katie is happy to tailor the music to accomodate all audiences.

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Hire a Duet or Group Show

Shuruq Oriental Dance Company are London's finest all professional belly dancer troupe. They regularly perform at weddings, at high profile events and within the media all over the UK. You can see the Shuruq Oriental belly dancers gracing the stage on Sky 1's show 'A League of Their Own' or on Simo Lagnawi's upcoming music video.

Shuruq Oriental Dancers are available to book as a duet or as a 4, and perform either a:

1 set x 20 minute show

1 set x 30 minute show

2 sets x 15 minutes show - with a costume change

Their performances include fan veils, silk veils, swords, Saidi cane, drum solos, modern and classical styles of belly dance and audicence interaction.

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Book a belly dance workshop package

A belly dance workshop package is highly recommended for corporate team building events, hen parties and birthday parties. Katie is excellent at making sure everyone in the workshop is engaged and having fun, whilst learning signature belly dance movements - by the end of the lesson you will leave with a short choreography, have some belly dance basic skills under your belt, and potentially have some slightly embarrasing photos after! All of this is topped off with a live 15 minute belly dance performance by Katie, with lots of audience participation - especially after you've learnt all your new skills!

The package consists of a 45 minute belly dance workshop - tailored to your event + a 15 minute belly dance performance by Katie, to book your package press the button below.

Hire a Belly Dancer FAQs

“Why should you hire a belly dancer for your event?”

Katie Alyce Belly Dancer London, has been providing jaw dropping belly dance performances for a wide variety events all over the world for the past 10 years. Over this time, she has honed and perfected her craft to produce belly dance shows to fully entertain every audience. Performances from Katie Alyce Belly Dancer London include a grand entrance, belly dance props such as swords, silk veils and silk wings, intricate and technical drum solos, audience interaction and so much more!

Katie Alyce’s belly dance shows include a variety of genres including classical, folkloric and modern music from Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and the Persian Gulf.

“How long is a belly dance show?”

A live belly dance show with Katie Alyce Belly Dancer London can be any of the following options:

1 set x 10 minutes show
1 set x 20 minutes show
1 set x 30 minutes show
2 sets x 15 minutes show (includes a costume change)


“I’m planning an event and I want to hire a belly dancer – so, what kind of events do belly dancers perform at?”

Katie Alyce Belly Dancer London can provide performances for numerous events, including (but not exclusive to):

~ Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Events and Dinners, Hen parties, Mehndi Parties, Themed Parties, Exhibitions, Music Videos, TV / Film performances, Festivals, Christmas Parties ~

“Okay great, I’d love to book a belly dance show. How do I hire a belly dancer to perform at my event?”

To hire Katie Alyce Belly Dancer London for your event, contact her agent Kev Orkian or herself directly on:

Email: kev@howlin.co - Tel: 08444145122
Email: katiealycedance@gmail.com - Tel: 07584672397

•Please provide the following details to receive a quote:

• Event date
• Approximate performance start time
• Set length you require
• Location of the event

Or alternatively, please fill out the contact form below


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