Learn Belly Dance London

At the Katie Alyce Belly Dance school we have classes for beginners, improvers, intermediate and advanced levels - the courses cover both modern and traditional styles of belly dance. Belly dance, also called Raq Sharqi ‘Dance of the Orient’ is the oldest form of dance that has their roots in ancient cultures from India to mid-East. It has great benefits for both men and women of all age groups. The costumes and styles of this dance differ from place to place throughout the world. However, various styles have been evolved in recent years. You can learn belly dance online by watching Katie's YouTube videos and practicing the steps by yourself, or learn in person by joining one of Katie's belly dance courses!

Health benefits of practicing belly dance

  • Improve muscle tones and posture.
  • Preparation for child birth.
  • Weight loss.
  • Reduce the stress level.
  • Joint and back pains are relieved.
  • Increase in bone density.
  • Boost your self- confidence.

Learn Belly Dance Online


Katie runs a belly dance tutorial YouTube channel so you can still learn to belly dance even if you aren't able to join Katie's London courses! learn belly dance online by subscribing to her channel here.


Katie's Upcoming Belly Dance Masterclasses